"Our strength comes from the investment and personal commitment of each of our team members, but also from their extraordinary ability to overcome their individual limits together. - Dato' Nafisah Radin

A graduate of Nottingham University, England, Dato' Ar. Nafisah Radin began her career in 1986 as an architect in the Public Works Department. She left to join Veritas Architects in 1992 and within a year she took the challenge as the partner to set up the Veritas Architects branch office in Penang.


Dato' Ar. Nafisah prides that the success of her career as an architect and entrepreneur are based on strong principles of commitment to professionalism, integrity, creativity and innovation. Currently, Dato' Ar. Nafisah gives back to society through active involvement in non-government organisations, giving talks at major conferences and institution and as an independent board of directors of the PNB subsidiaries. Throughout her career, she has received a number of national awards in recognition of her achievement s and contribution to the Nation.

In a relentless pursuit of success, Dato' Ar. Nafisah is an active woman not just as an Architect; but also as a wealth planner, a business coach, and also an entrepreneur. Having broad connections locally and internationally; her strength lies in her bright personality, creative ideas, and the bonds created with people around her. Understanding people's life, thoughts, and needs are the key elements of Dato' Nafisah's secret of successful architecture.


Endorsement of Dato' Nafisah Radin by JT Foxx, one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the World's #1 Wealth Coach as seen and heard on television, and in radio and print.